Who needs Hitler Youth when Steve Jobs can just turn america into the iUnited States of iAmerica?

What the ufck[SIC] is wrong with young parentS?!?!?!

imean, you have to know this is wrong, right?


Steve Jobs does it again (indirectly) i guess…



I defy you to click that link and not either HATE AMERICANS or at the very least, quietly contemplate being amish for like 15 minutes!

iKnow iHave:

somehow, iNursery was okay to the staff at this hospital. saving this premy’s iEardrums, however — not so much

permanent hearing damage just wasn’t enough for baby iPaula, her parents insisted on possible electro-static fusion with the G4 so she could be “a more perfect illustration of form &function”

you know in Brazil, there are laws which regulate the amount of babies you can expose to simulated X-ray radiation…

far too young to realize that your little iGift was a shitty gimmicky shirt, and not the duo-core intel powerbook your parents got themselves…

What’s on your playlist parents? If babies could make conscious decisions in infancy, this one would hit you with 40GB of poopy-pants

This week on “I met my husband at MacExpo ’05,” Sarah realizes that James is NOT an executive at “Appletosh” and decides both she and baby Carl are leaving, last words? “iWant a divorce!”

I must concede, most of these kids are adorable…

see previous… 🙂

back on track… this kid will have the WORST life, and grow up to be a Heroin-addicted Stripper. “Hey Dad! iFuck all of your co-workers!”

these parents don’t know the meaning of “suffocation”

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One Response to Who needs Hitler Youth when Steve Jobs can just turn america into the iUnited States of iAmerica?

  1. B.Pulsar says:

    hmm nice bit, but i find it kinda cute so i guess i say power on ipopmybaby.com

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