This is AMAZING!!!

July 8, 2006

Following, is something you will never see again, and have certainly not seen before:

An entire feature motion picture, animated…in .gif FormatWOW… *an ivisible man, sleepin’ in yo’ bed!*Text Link Ads

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Holy CosPlay Batman! Adults in spandex!!!!

July 8, 2006

Super Clever

so, Stan Lee as usual impresses me with his knack for… I think there’s a mouse in my room, but it’s dark, so i can’t see him.Anywho, He’s got a reality show coming out on Sci-fi and… maybe it’s a bat… i think it’s in the eves… weird.

and the concept is you are a nerd, and you can be a superhero… maybe not the eves…

maybe on my bed… *squeak*

whatever, and you design a character/costume/et al and then live in a “Lair” with other ‘super-heroes’ and you like test your virtue.

Interesting side-note – the winner of this will be:

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The formal announcement of my engagement to:

July 7, 2006


Jessica Marie Alba, star of Cinema and Television. featured in Maxim (maybe 2wice).

The engagement would read like this:


Mr. David Rockstar, of Baltimore, Maryland is proud to announce his engagement to Miss Jessica Marie Alba of Pomona, California.

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It’s not too often…

July 6, 2006

that you can appreciate anything that one alleged “artform” does to bastardize another.

for the bulk of my twenty|something years on this planet, there has been one constant: Read the rest of this entry »